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About Us

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Playful Penguins Sussex

Playful Penguins was created when my son, Noah, was 14 months old. After setting up lots of messy play activities for him at home, and struggling to find a baby group I could take him to where he didn’t have to sit still and stay in one place for too long, I thought why not set activities up for more children to enjoy?

I borrowed some money from my Dad to buy some tuff trays and within 2 weeks of suggesting the idea to him, we had our first session fully booked!

We then ran messy play sessions in Worthing for a year until the Covid pandemic hit. During lockdown, we started creating hire-at-home packages before starting our outdoor nature play sessions in Goring woods.

We are now in the exciting position where we have taken on other people to run sessions for us and we are making lots of plans for the future of Playful Penguins!

The aim of Playful Penguins is to create a group where Parents or Grandparents can come along and chat and get to know each other and feel relaxed. Don’t worry if you turn up late, if your little one is screaming the place down or running off with one of our toys – we have all been there and I want our sessions to be safe spaces where we can share the ups and down of parenthood.

Our sessions are designed not to be too structured. Children need time to explore and learn at their own pace and we believe in giving them this opportunity. We provide open-ended activities, where the children use their imaginations to explore the resources and play with them how they want to.

In the words of Kay Reffield Jamison, “Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity” and this is what we aim to provide!

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